what she says: im fine
what she means: Chicago, Illinois! My names Spencer and i've never had a microphone before and now i do, but if you were here last night you already knew that. So anyway the next song we're gonna play is sung by my friend Ryan Ross. If you know the words go ahead and you know, help him out singing along. Its called Behind the Sea and it goes like this
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AP Music Awards Best Vocalists; Issue 313

to view the article, click on photo, open up in new tab

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love is not a choice

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he finally did it

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…Live in Chicago

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 panic! at the disco discography (insp.) 
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Can he not?!

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Name: The Take Over, The Break's Over and I Write sins not tragedies
Artist: Fall out boy and panic! at the disco
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This may or may not be the best thing I’ve ever heard

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You are an evil man, Brendon Urie. I hope you know that.


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@ZackCloudHall: What can’t he do…?

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bootaybutts wondered,
i just saw your icon and i wanted to say that hOT DIGGITY DANG IT YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL

Thank you so much love!!!!

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