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And the plan —
The plan is, if Spencer’s cruisin’ around and needs to use this, we need to see how effective it’s gonna be.
Of course!

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They’ve been waiting too long to use this

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Some Panic! At The Disco awesomeness!

{Creds: the lovelies that made the gifs}

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Pete’s new twitter icon!!!

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Debating on if I should buy a fuck yeah friday shirt…

update: I got it….

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Debating on if I should buy a fuck yeah friday shirt…

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Casual Affair - Panic! at the Disco - Sound-check/Actual Performance - August 6 2014 - TD Echo Beach Toronto

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Panic! At The Disco          

August 16th, 2014

The Gospel Tour - St.Augustine, Florida

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Well shit, it’s #FuckYeahFriday and look what we made! Go order a shirt today and get 20% off with the code “backtoschool”

Photo by Hoeg

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