As excited as I am for new FOB music I’m pretty sad the SRAR era is coming to a close because we’ve had a pretty damn good year and a half

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Name: Jeans
Artist: Brendon Urie
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        jeans | brendon urie  (x)

i ripped my jeans
man, i ripped my jeans
i put a hole in the knees
man, they used to have soul
now there’s just a gaping hole in my jeans

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The Gospel Tour - Los Angeles (please credit if using)

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Panic! at the Disco Sound-check Copley Square Boston, Massachusetts 8/1/13 (Photos by me) Part 9

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Happy Birthday Spencer. 

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In August of 2005, a 4 piece band out of Las Vegas began a meteoric rise to the top of the music charts, embarking on their first tour, with some friends of mine who were on their first ever headlining tour. Within 10 months, the status of both of these bands would be drastically different. My friend’s band called it quits in May of 2006 and this 4 piece from Vegas was on the top of the world. They’re still touring, 3 full albums later, having seen lineup changes, marriages, and all the typical internet babble about how they’re “not as good as they were on their first album.” The only constant through all of this, has been the singer, who may as well BE the band at this point. He writes, records, and uses his voice in an incredibly powerful way that actually needs to be seen live to fully appreciate it. I only see him once a year at best anymore, but every time I do, he is always so genuinely nice to be around. I guess at this point, I’ve been around him for around 8 years, on and off, cutting hair for him from Seattle to Austin and yesterday was the first time I’ve photographed for him. Out of all the photos I shot, I believe this one captures him best. He laughs a lot and I caught him absolutely geekin’ out to Wu-Tang Clan on stage behind us. This photo is so full of life and energy, which is why I’m sharing. Here’s Brendon Urie, vocalist for Panic! At The Disco for Day 242 of the #JG365Project, who introduced me to…

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Happy birthday to Spencer Smith from everyone at Fueled By Ramen!

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im not trying to make this weird i’m just saying if andy punched me in the face i wouldn’t be against it

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My Panic! at the Disco boxset collection

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Spencer James Smith (September 2, 1987)

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8/31 - Portland, OR @ Edgefield #THEGOSPELTOUR

Photos by Hoeg

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